The Amer Sports Pro Club Program is coordinated by Amer Sports Winter & Outdoor Company and governs the terms and conditions for purchases made via ("Pro Program", "Program", "Amer Sports Pro Club") of Products from the Atomic, Armada Skis, Peak Performance, Salomon, Wilson or Arc’Teryx brands ("Products") from,,,,,, websites (the “Online Stores”) and Amer Sports Winter & Outdoor Company, on behalf of its Amer Sports group affiliates, available on the respective Online Stores of Amer Sports group affiliates, including the owners/distributors of these brands ("Atomic”, “Armada Skis”, “Peak Performance”, “Salomon”, “Wilson”, “Arc’teryx”, “brand”, "we" or "us" as the context may require).

The Program is exclusively available for selected Outdoor & Mountain Professionals, Brand Ambassadors, Partners, Store Staff, and Employees.

By joining the Program, the member agrees to be bound by and accept these terms and conditions.


How to join the Amer Sports Pro Club Program

To enjoy the benefits of this Program, registration is needed either via an Invitation Code or by applying with a supporting document proving eligibility to the Program (proof of employment/qualification).

When creating an account on the Amer Sports Pro Club, the member accepts that this account will be synchronized on the Online Stores available in the country. The privileges of this account will then be tailored to the member’s profile (Outdoor & Mountain Professionals, Brand Ambassadors, Shop Pros, Partners, and Employees). The Program is free of charge.


Conditions of Use of the Program

  1. By joining the Program, members will be able to purchase Products at special prices on the Online stores.

  2. The products available are for personal use only and cannot be resold. Products are not eligible for government tax exemptions or fulfillment of government contracts.

  3. All account information, including prices offered through the program, must be kept confidential.

  4. There is a yearly spending allowance per online store, which determines the value of products that can be purchased.

  5. Once the maximum spending limit is reached or the account expires, products can still be purchased at retail price.

  6. Program privileges are valid for one year, with some exceptions.

  7. Renewal instructions will be sent one month prior to membership expiration, and eligibility is required for successful renewal.

  8. Signing up for the program will cancel access to the Salomon S/PLUS Program. To access both programs, the member must register with a different email address.

  9. Only in-stock products can be purchased, and no pre-orders will be accepted.

  10. Any order placed through the program is subject to general terms and conditions of the brand, and shipping and return fees may apply.

Please contact the Amer Sports Pro Club Support team via the Contact page for further information.


Modifications, suspension or ending of the Amer Sports Pro Club Purchase Program

Access to the Program should be considered a privilege and neither a right nor entitlement. Therefore, the Amer Sports Pro Club reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend or terminate the Program, your access to the Program, and to modify its terms and conditions without explanation or notice, without compensation to you for any reason.



Your Amer Sports Pro Club account credentials are personal and not transferable. You are solely responsible for your credentials and are required not to disclose your login details to anyone. The Amer Sports Pro Club will not be liable for any fraudulent use of your account by a third party. The resale of products acquired through the Program or other abuse of the Program will result in termination of your access to the Program. The Amer Sports Pro Club will make its best efforts to ensure the optimal use of the privileges related to the Program.


Personal Data

We may use your personal data to communicate with you, for example, to provide information relating to our products and/or services you are using or to contact you for consumer satisfaction queries. We may use your personal data for marketing or research purposes, for example, to conduct market research. We also may, in accordance with applicable law, contact you to inform you of new products, services or promotions we may offer. Also, some of our products and services may be used to promote products and services of other companies. However, Amer Sports Pro Club does not disclose your personal data to such companies or any other company for marketing purposes without your prior consent.


Acceptance of terms and conditions

By using this Program, the member acknowledges and accept the terms and conditions of the Amer Sports Pro Club Program. The provisions of these terms are not intended to exclude any statutory rights granted to you by law, rights which you cannot waive, or which cannot be limited by contract.